Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

In the beginning of the Elder Scrolls V Skyrim you are busy being led to your execution on the back of a wagon. You get off the wagon and a guard calls you and you have to choose your race and what you look like. As you are about to get executed a dragon comes and you then escape. You run away with a storm cloak soldier and eventually escape the village through some tunnels.

Now that you are out of the caves you can do whatever you like. There is a village called Riverwood down the road and you can stay with your stormcloak soldier’s sister or with the blacksmith, the imperial soldiers’ uncle. You can also get supplies from these people.

If you decide to do the main quest you must go to the Jarl of Whiterun and get some missions from him. On the second quest you get from him you have to take down a dragon, but you get some help from the city’s gaurds. Once you kill the dragon you absorb its soul. You then use that soul to learn a shout. You learn the words of a shout on the walls of caves and on rocks.

Once some of your skills increase a few times you can level up. When you level up you have to choose to increase your health, magika or stamina and you get to choose a perk. You can increase your skills by fighting people or by brawling with someone.

You can work in Skyrim also. You can chop wood for the owner of a mill, you can harvest weat for some people and you can mine ore and sell it to people. You can also make money by doing quests. There are quests to be found almost anywhere. You can also talk to the person who runs an inn and get a bounty list from them. In Skyrim you can join organisations. You can join the thieves’ guild in Riften, the dark brotherhood, the college of mages or the companions (a fighter’s guild) In the game you can join either the imperial army or the Stormcloak rebellion. In both factions you have to do quests to get accepted.

You can also cook, make potions, make weapons and armour and enchant items. For cooking you have to find the necessary ingredients to make the food. You have to mix ingredients together to make potions. For smithing, you have to find the ore, ingots, leather or leather strips to make it and you have to have gotten the perk for each type of armour.

You can also buy a house in each city in the game. You have to ask someone in the Jarl’s castle and you have to have done a quest for the jarl. In the wilderness there are many bandits and wild animals that might attack you. You can go into caves and clear them out of any bandits. There are herds of mammoths with giant shepherds that are roaming around too. You can also try and take down a dragon in the wilderness if you are feeling lucky.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies is a computer game where you have to plant different kinds of plants to kill the oncoming waves of zombies
In plants vs. Zombies there are three different game modes. They are adventure, mini games, puzzle and survival. At first you can only play adventure mode, but as you progress you unlock a few mini games and later puzzle mode. You can only play a few of the levels in the mini games and puzzle modes. You can play the other levels once you have completed the adventure mode.

In the Plants vs. Zombies adventure mode you start out on your front lawn of your house on a sunny day. The first plant you can use is a pea shooter. The pea shooter is a basic attacking plant that does low damage. Every few levels you unlock more plants. The next plant you unlock is a sun flower, which is a very important plant because it produces sun, which you need to plant more plants to protect your house. Once the zombies get to your house they get killed by a lawnmower. The lawnmower takes out everything in that row. If the zombies get through that row again they come into your house and eat your brains.

You play a couple of levels in the day, and then the zombies start attacking in the night. You now have to plant different types of mushrooms to protect your house. Mushrooms are nocturnal and can only be planted at night time. No sun falls from the sky at night time and you have sun shrooms to produce suns. They are cheaper than sun flowers, but produce less sun and then they grow and make the normal amount of sun.

After you finish the night time levels the zombies come to your back yard where you have a swimming pool. You can plant day time plants and aquatic plants now. You can plant non aquatic plants on lily pads. The zombies come at you in the water on rubber ducks and other things and they come at you on the land. When a zombie gets to the end of a row in your pool the lawnmower only kills that zombie and not the whole row. You can buy a pool cleaner from Crazy Dave’s shop to knock out the whole row.

After the day time pool level there is a night time pool level. After that they come at you on your roof. Because of the angle of you roof normal plants are not very effective. You have to use plants like the cabbage pult, the corn pult and the melon pult. There are no defences if they eat their way through the plants. You have to buy roof cleaners from Crazy Dave. The zombie boss comes at you on the roof. To beat him block his ice balls with chillies and block his fire balls with ice shrooms. Freeze him in place with ice shrooms so that your plants can attack him.

After that the adventure mode is over. While you are on the roof level Crazy Dave gives you a Zen garden. Grow the flowers and they will give you money.
In Plants vs. Zombies mini game mode there are different special levels. If you win a level you get a diamond. You also get a diamond or some gold coins if you win a puzzle level. In survival mode you have to survive five rounds of zombie in a condition of your choice.

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mount and Blade: Warband

Mount and Blade: Warband is a PC game that is fun. When you start a new game you have to choose what your father’s job was, what you did as a young child and what you became as a young adult. Some of the jobs you can choose are a smith, a veteran warrior, a craftsman’s apprentice and a hunter. You can also choose your characters starting attributes, weapon skills, looks and what city you start in.

Mount and Blade: Warband offers you a lot of freedom. After you start a new game you can wonder around and kill bandits, hire new troops for your army from taverns and villages and participate in tournaments that are held in cities. You can upgrade your troops by pressing the upgrade button in the party menu. This can only be done if they have gained enough experience in battles. Once you have a bit of renown you can join a kingdom by asking one of the kingdom’s counts for a job. Sometimes they will give you normal jobs such as hunting down a murderer, but sometimes they will ask you if you want to join their kingdom.

There are a lot of weapons in Mount and Blade: Warband. You can get a bow, a one handed sword, a two handed sword, a lance, a crossbow, a mace, a dagger, an axe, a two handed axe and more. The price of these weapons is determined by how good they are. You can also get armour. You can get a helmet, boots, gloves, chest armour and a shield. The most expensive armours are the best.

There are six kingdoms in Mount and Blade: Warband. There are the Swadians, who have the best knights. There are the Rodoks, who have the best crossbowman and good spearmen for countering cavalry. There are the Saranid Sultinate , who have good archers and knights called mamlukes. There are the Nords, who have the best infantry. There are the Khergit Khanate, who have good horse archers and lancers. There are also the Vagers, who have good archers and knights.

Once you have joined a kingdom by asking one of their lords you can battle against their enemies and help capture castles and cities or you can raid enemy villages for their goods you can sell at a friendly town. Once you have done quite a lot for that kingdom you can ask their king if you can become a vassal. Once you are a vassal you immediately get a village and you get weekly tax payments from that village. Your king can decide to give you further fiefs such as villages or you can go and capture castles and cities and ask the king if you can have them.

In Mount and Blade: Warband you can also start a war with another kingdom without joining another kingdom first. You can start this was by attacking farmers or caravans. You can then start raiding villages. If you want to stop the war you can talk to one of the enemy’s counts and you can pay them to make the war end. Once you capture an enemy castle by yourself you can start a new kingdom and you will be the king.

Besides normal troops you can hire heroes. They can be found in different cities across the whole map. They have attributes and skills just like you. Once they level up you can increase their skills by talking to them in your party menu. This can only be done when you are travelling on the world map. These heroes start out with skills that only that hero is good at. For example, some might be good at training, trade, engineering or surgery.

Cheats: To use cheats in this game you have to activate cheats in the Mount and Blade: Warband launcher window. Here are some cheats that might help you playing Mount and Blade: Warband:
Hold Ctrl and press x while in your inventory to add 1000 gold.
Hold Ctrl and press x while in your party menu and you have selected a unit to give it experience.
Hold Ctrl and press x while looking at your character sheet to give yourself experience.
Hold Ctrl and click on the map to go to that location.
Hold Ctrl and press H to increase your health while you are in a fight.